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Farmboat Floating Market

Cedar Wave will be participating in Farmboat activities in the North Puget Sound region. Look for our boats on special days as we join others in a building a floating market event in key waterfront communities.

Farmboat is a new program in development that is dedicated to brining back the essence of a local maritime trade on the Puget Sound. Before roads and bridges, the sea provided the only practical means to transport people and freight around the region. The "Mosquito Fleet", as it was called back then, was made up of thousands of independent sail, steam and motorized vessels.

Every waterfront community, no matter how small, had a its own dock where transactions for goods and passage could be negotiated. These steamer docks were often the centers for community activities where people could gather to learn news and share stories and gossip.

Puget Sound maritime trade is an important chapter in Northwest history. While nearly a century has pasts since the days of the Mosquito Fleet, the waterways still echo a vibrant and colorfull past when local farmers, fishermen and tradesmen utilized nature's watery highway system.

A primary objective in the Farmboat project is to foster awareness of the need to maintain maritime trade on the waters of the Pacific Northwest. - Not only to share in the historical significance that shapped the region, but to also provide a means for alternative transportation in the event of a regional disaster such as a major earthquake or emergency.

The ports and community docks along the shorelines of Puget Sound played an important role in the past and can provide cost-effective security for the future. This vital infrastructure also supports emerging trends towards sustainable local agriculture and local jobs.


Please let us know if you have interest in volunteering in Farmboat events. If you have local goods to sell or a vessel you want to want to participate with, give us a call too.

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