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Season Cruise Pass - Limited Offer

Why own a classic yacht when you can have pure enjoyment and let us do the the hard work? If you are a classic yacht enthusiast but spend less than ten days a year out on the water, it may not make much sense for you to own a wooden boat.

Our vessels are fine examples of quality Northwest wooden boatbuilding. They are unique in character and are well appointed in a traditional style.

"Enjoy Classic Yachting
for as little as $425 per day."

Our Season Cruise Pass works like an annual time share arrangement. Your net cost can be as little as $425 per day including insurance, captain and fuel. - (you could easily spend more than that in just fuel with a modern plastic boat lease). You can use it up all in one shot on an island hopping adventure through the San Juans or South Puget Sound perhaps, or take it a day at a time for relaxing cruises with family, friends or clients around the Seattle and North Puget Sound. You can book any boat or split the days on our fleet.

This is a great way to learn about traditional yachting if you are thinking about eventually buying your own classic yacht. The captain will be obliged to share all manners of importance from navigation and piloting to repair and maintenance of wooden hulls. We only allow a very limited number of Season Cruise Passes each year, so if you are thinking of doing some extended cruising on a classic yacht, call us and apply today!

Season Cruise Pass Prices:

5 Day Season Cruise Pass

$2,975 - 30% Savings!

10 Day Season Cruise Pass

$5,100 - 40% Savings!

20 Day Season Cruise Pass
Sold Out

$8,500 - 50% Savings!

* Price includes captain, fuel and insurance. Food and shoreside overnight accommodations are not included. A fuel surcharge may be added on voyages exceeding six hours per day. Only a limited number of Cruise Passes are made available each season.

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