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Casual Boating Attire & Island Beachwear

While visiting distant tropical islands in the South Pacific, we've discovered the perfect casual boating and beachwear attire to compliment our unique barefoot spa cruises. Comfort and relaxation onboard our classic yachts is paramount to experiencing our notion of old-fashion picnic boating adventures. Clothing, therefore, needs to be extremely comfortable and uniquely stylish.

With this in mind, we set out to commission perfection in casual boating and beach attire. Taking inspiration from the South-Pacific Islanders and other cultures from around the world, we developed a fusion of modern fashion design and traditional native beachwear. It's not conventional, but we are sure that you will agree that our clothing is the most comfortable thing to wear on a classic boating adventure.

We keep a stock of our unique islander inspired garb onboard our boats for you to purchase. Just ask your captain. You may also order some of our items online.

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