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Port Madison "Beach of
Dreams" Real Estate Tour
on a Classic Yacht

Oct-May | June-Sep
2 Guests... $850 | $900
up to 6 Guests... $850 | $900
(Total Group Cost)

The inner harbor at Port Madison Bay is the site of a historic saw mill built in the mid 1800's. Consequently, many of the older craftsman homes along the harbor were built of old growth fir harvested from Bainbridge Island. Throughout the early 1900's Port Madison became home to many fishing families who built docks and net sheds which add to the salty character of the bay. Little evidence of the original mill town remain, but this cozy harbor is still reminiscent of traditional coastal communities found on the eastern seaboard. An abundance of evergreen trees lining the twisting banks of the cove also contribute to the crisp clean Northwest flavor of this fabulous waterfront setting.

In recent years Port Madison real estate has skyrocketed in value as it has become the premier waterfront location on Bainbridge island. There is no public access in the inner harbor, so the only way to see this community is by private boat.

Join us for a private tour aboard a classic yacht as we discover the hidden secretes of Port Madison's inner harbor. We will depart from Seattle and cruise across Puget Sound to the north end of Bainbridge Island. On the way you may get a chance to catch a glimpse of the wondrous sea life in the area - including seals, porpoise, and whales.


8 HR


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2203 Alaskan Way, Seattle

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