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Mercer Island "Beach of
Dreams" Real Estate Tour
on a Classic Yacht

Oct-May | June-Sep
2 Guests... $400 | $500
up to 6 Guests... $450 | $550
(Total Group Cost)

A man living in Beaux Arts Village across the water from Mercer Island recalls his father in the 1920's negotiating for the purchase of half the Island from a single private owner. Working as an architect in downtown Seattle his father was not able to come up with the asking price of $27,000 for the whole island. The deal was never closed and this man's father perhaps missed out on the greatest real estate investment ever.

In recent years, most of the modest homes along the shores of Mercer Island have been transformed into elaborate estates and mansions for the rich and famous. This is truly an amazing tour as we leisurely cruise just off the docks of these inspiring waterfront real estate holdings.

This tour begins at South Lake Union aboard a classically appointed historic motor yacht. A pleasant viewing of Seattle's active inland waterways will warm you up to the visual treats ahead. As we venture out on Lake Washington, you can imagine how early yachtsmen may have felt as they embarked for the hunting camps on the once wild and forbidding shores of Mercer Island.

As we get closer, the dreams of wilderness adventure give way to dreams of grandeur. The affluent castles and elaborately manicured estates will surely awaken your desires on this four hour picnic tour.


4 HR


Center for Wooden Boats
at South Lake Union Park
1010 Valley Street Seattle

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