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Duwamish River
Industrial Zone Eco Tour
on a Classic Yacht

Oct-May | June-Sep
2 Guests... $250 | $300
up to 6 Guests... $325 | $350
(Total Group Cost)

Until recently, the lower Duwamish Waterway was considered an ecological dead zone in the same league as the infamous Erie Canal. The Duwamish river is now re-emerging as a viable ecosystem intertwined with modern industry. Achieving federal super-fund designation in 2001, enormous cleanup and restoration efforts are making a positive impact on the river's ability to sustain life. Witness first hand the results of these projects and learn about the history of the river.

The Duwamish river was redirected by the Army Corp of Engineers over a century ago as Seattle carved her place in the wilderness of the Northwest Territory. Along its banks you will see remnants of early Seattle industries that changed the world. This is an amazing story of pioneers and enterprising industrialists who built a major city in less then a century - but their efforts left an indelible legacy on the environment.

Tour the Duwamish in style aboard a classic yacht and observe the colorful and dramatic contrast of industry and environment. This unique picnic tour will give you an insider's look at the river as we cruise by the factories, mill sites, estuaries and shipping docks.


2 HR


Bell Harbor Marina
2203 Alaskan Way, Seattle

West Seattle Pier
1660 Harbor Ave. SW, Seattle

Harbor Island Marina
1001 Klickitat Way S.W., Seattle

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