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Island Getaway Tours

The Pacific Northwest is dotted with evergreen forested islands as amazing as their popular counterparts in the remote regions of the world. An island is a microcosm of nature. Defined by its shorelines and witness to the ebbing tides.

Our island getaway tours are bound to enchant you with the great silent and restless spirit honored by indigenous native cultures and embraced by early explorers. As we travel the waterways once frequented by dugout canoes, steamships and sailing vessels, you can re-discover the allure of the natural beauty bestowed upon the Pacific Northwest.

Experiencing a private island tour on a classic wooden yacht is something inherently special about living in the Puget Sound region. It is excursions such as these for which our classic yachts were originally intended by their designers and builders.

Blake Island Tour

'Round Blake Island Tour

From $58 Per Person*
In less than an hour's boat ride out of Seattle, you can set foot on one of Puget Sound's uninhabited little islands blanketed with evergreen trees and ringed with secluded beaches. MORE...

Bainbridge Island Tour

Around Bainbridge Island Tour

From $150 Per Person*
A day long cruise around the blissful shorelines of Bainbridge Island is sure to astound you. MORE...

(* Per person cost based on full occupancy. Groups of less than six will result in a higher cost per person on private vessel charters. Click "MORE..." for more details.)

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