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Seattle Classic Charter Boat Fleet
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Seattle Classic Yacht Private Tour
Sharing Tradtional Nautical Experiences Through Preservation of Maritme History.

Old Seattle & Elliot Bay
History Tour
on a Classic Yacht

Oct-May | June-Sep
2 Guests... $250 | $275
up to 6 Guests... $300 | $325
(Total Group Cost)

Most of the people you know here in the Pacific Northwest would not be here if it were not for the incredible efforts of the entrepreneurial visionaries that transformed the mud flats of Elliot Bay into a major international seaport. This tour helps you understand Seattle's illustrious past and what made the Emerald City what it is today. From the site of the first settlement at Alki Point to the re-sculpting of the hillsides and shorelines, you will discover what it took to lay the foundation for what would have seemed to the rest of the world to be impossible dreams. Stories of sailing ships and gold rush steamers, native peoples, shipwrecks and industrial triumphs -- this special private tour aboard a classic yacht that will revel to you the reason why so many world changing ideas begin here in Seattle.


1-1/2 HR


Bell Harbor Marina
2203 Alaskan Way, Seattle

West Seattle Pier
1660 Harbor Ave. SW, Seattle

Harbor Island Marina
1001 Klickitat Way S.W., Seattle

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