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Private Old-Fashioned Picnic Tours
on Classic Yachts

In the days before mass production, classic wooden yachts eloquently graced the waters of Puget Sound and Lake Washington. Those onshore longed for a glimpse of the leisurely activities partaken by the affluent yachtsmen on board. Were they discussing their waterfront real estate investments over a cigar and glass of bootlegged rum? Or were they sampling caviar and chocolate while dangling a hook for another monster fish story? What is it that makes leisure travel on a classic wooden yacht so unique? Join us for a memorable experience where all your senses will be stimulated and dazzled. We have a variety of featured Picnic Tours in our repertoire for your consideration.

What is a Picnic Tour?

Well, in the context of a classic yachting, it's about simultaneously indulging all your senses at the same time by savoring everything that's around you -- the crisp sea air on a serene blue-green canvas, the gentle motion of the waves, the chorus of sound water that makes as you glide along (which no one living in the desert would ever understand). With all you five senses charged up at the same time, even a hot dog will taste like it was prepared at Le Cordon Bleu.

Bring your own picnic foods or choose one of our gourmet specialties. Which ever way you plan it, it will be a memorable culinary experience.

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