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Seattle-Blake Island
Private Cruise
on a Classic Yacht

Oct-May | June-Sep
2 Guests... $400 | $500
up to 6 Guests... $450 | $550
(Total Group Cost)

Discover a desolate little island where there are no roads, no homes, and no strip malls. Just trees, water and tranquility. A place where you can walk for miles along pebbly beaches, or trek softly through a natural forest and witness wildlife as it was seen by native inhabitants.

Blake Island lies but only an hour's boat ride west of Seattle, yet it is a century away. It's pristine lonely beaches make it a perfect destination for a classic picnic cruise reminiscent of early day yachting adventures.

Explore the island on foot or by bicycle--there are over 15 miles of trails on the 475 acre island. ... or beach comb to your hearts content on the five miles of unrestricted tidelands surrounding the island.


4 HR


Bell Harbor Marina
2203 Alaskan Way, Seattle

West Seattle Pier
1660 Harbor Ave. SW, Seattle

Harbor Island Marina
1001 Klickitat Way S.W., Seattle

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