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Seattle Classic Charter Boat Fleet
Seattle Classic Charter Boat Fleet
Seattle Classic Charter Boat Fleet

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Puget Sound Adventure Cruises

Destination Day Cruises

Discover what is would have been like to travel by boat between ports on Puget Sound. Before roads and bridges were built, people commuted along the waterways on wooden vessels. Port towns and communities were directly linked by a network of small independent steamers and launches moving people and freight. They had come to be known as the "mosquito fleet" by ship captains arriving to the Puget Sound. - as they would describe the constant traffic of small craft buzzing around the Sound to resemble a swam of mosquitos.

Today, the waters of Puget Sound are quieter but none-the-less just as beautiful and awe inspiring as they were a century ago. There are several historic port destinations within a two hour cruise from Seattle and many more within a half-day's travel by sea on one of our classic yachts.

Half Day Adventure Cruises Leaving from Seattle:

Seattle Lakes and Locks Private Picnic Cruise Tour

Port Blakely / Eagle Harbor

From $75 Per Person*
Visit an historic seaport village nestled on Bainbridge Island and enjoy unique shops and restaurants. MORE...

Blake Island Cruise

Blake Island

From $75 Per Person*
Like Robinson Crusoe, discover a deserted island in the middle of Puget Sound. Explore miles of natural trails and pristine beaches. MORE...

Seattle to Bremerton Cruise

Sinclair Inlet / Port Orchard

From $75 Per Person*
Explore a mysterious inlet hosting the largest navel shipyard on the west coast. MORE...

Full Day Adventure Cruises Leaving from Seattle:

Seattle - Poulsbo Cruise

Liberty Bay / Poulsbo

From $150 Per Person*
Venture to an authentic Scandinavian seaport village reminicent of Norway's fjords. Many nordic themed shops, galleries and restaurants to enjoy. MORE...

Gig Harbor Cruise

Gig Harbor

From $150 Per Person*
Historic maritime fishing village with many shops, restaurants, museums and pubs. MORE...

Dyes Inlet Cruise

Dyes Inlet / Silverdale

From $150 Per Person*
Cruise through a river-like passage and find a placid saltwater lake with hidden coves and bays. MORE...

Multy-Day Adventure Cruises Leaving from Seattle:

Seattle to Langely Cruise

Langely on Whidbey Island

From $233 Per Person*
2-Day Cruise to Whidbey's "whale town". Welcoming restaurants, boutiques, art galleries, and antique shops. MORE...

Seattle to Port Ludlow Cruise

Port Ludlow

From $233 Per Person*
A world-class golf resort awaits you on the shores of a cozy little harbor in the shadow of the Olympic Mountains. MORE...

Seattle to Port Townsend Cruise

Port Townsend

From $333 Per Person*
3-Day Cruise: Discover Victorian inns and rustic brick buildings that once hosted the crews of sailing ships from around the world. Art galleries, boutiques eateries and classic pubs adorn the waterfront. MORE...

(* Per person cost based on full occupancy. Snacks and beverages are included, but meal options are extra. Groups of less than six will result in a higher cost per person on private vessel charters. Price does not include shoreside lodging accommodations on overnight charters. Click "MORE..." for more details.)

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