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Seattle Classic Charter Boat Fleet
Seattle Classic Charter Boat Fleet
Seattle Classic Charter Boat Fleet

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private couples cruises

Cruises for Couples

They key to fostering romance is creating memorable intimate moments. In the tradition of Venetian gondolas, our classic wooden vessels inspire warmth, comfort and tranquility in the hearts of those who embark on a romantic adventure cruise. Couples who share special moments on our classic yachts are enriched with a lifetime of pleasant memories. Those pleasant memories are the foundation to long lasting relationships.

Wooden Anniversary Cruise - A Unique Gift Idea

A fifth wedding anniversary is a special event traditionally marked by a "gift of wood". You may not find a more appropriate gift than a romantic leisure cruise on a classic wooden yacht for this momentous occasion. (Click Here for details.)

"Bouquet Option Please..."

A bouquet of fresh flowers and a decorative edible presentation of chilled locally made chocolate may be discreetly provisioned if you so desire this option. (It is also rumored that the Captain may serve Champagne to adoring couples celebrating true and everlasting love). Just ask for the "Rose" option when you book a cruise with us or a buy a gift certificate.

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