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Cedar Wave is dedicated to preserving maritime heritage through the restoration of historic wooden vessels. Traditional wood boats are becoming increasingly rare--and so too is the ingenious thinking that went into their designs. Wooden boats represent a past way of life that is no longer conceivable in our modern society. Yet, each historic boat represents thousands of hours in skilled craftsmanship to convert old-growth timber into a functional and aesthetically alluring wooden vessel.

While our projects are currently done at various boat yards around the region, we are working towards developing a wood boat preservation and education facility somewhere on the Puget Sound. Our goal is to develop a place where historic wooden boats can be preserved and put into revenue generating programs that share maritime heritage experiences while helping sustain artifacts of history.

Water is a harsh environment for preserving the testaments of time. Unlike other historical artifacts, wooden boats need to be meticulously maintained or their rapid disappearance from the historical records is imminent.

Despite this fact, traditional wooden boats were built to last. Even though wood eventually decays, the concept behind a plank-on-frame built boat was that worn out parts could always be replaced. With this in mind, there is not a specific life expectancy for a properly maintained wooden boat. They could essentially last indefinitely if properly maintained. Boats made of metal and fiberglass eventually reach a point where the practicality of repair exceeds a diminishing return.

Jim Petrich, born in Tacoma in the 1920's, was a well known maritime architect of wooden fishing and work boats in the Pacific Northwest. He was once asked "How long did he design a wooden boat to last?" The question perplexed him as he answered "Forever". He explained that when parts go bad, you just replace them. "There was nothing on a wooden boat that could not be repaired by skilled craftsmen."

We preserve historic vessels and put them to work in ways that help sustain them for future generations. Our programs are designed to be commensurate with their traditional uses, while sharing aspects of past maritime experiences. We design programs for tour and excursion vessels, market boats, passenger/freight vessels, heritage fishing boats, sail training vessels and other activities.

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