Maritime Herritage Experiences
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Book a Maritime Heritage Experience!

Proceeds from charters and other activities help preserve historic vessels for future generations. Wooden boats require immense care. Your participation in heritage vessel activities helps carry a tradition forward.

Join the Urban Public Waterfront Association!

We are fighting for public docks to keep people connected to the sea. Public boat landings have been rapidly diminishing with new government regulations. We founded UPWA to help preserve the ability for "uplanders" to enjoy the water. Members get 10% off charter rates and discounts on various other maritime activities and services. Visit UPWA to sign up.

Purchase Products from our Chandlery!

We make a variety of water centric products available in our online catalog. From gift certificates and specialty foods to custom apparel and artistic crafts. Proceeds go towards our maritime heritage programs.

Tell Everyone About Us!

Tell your friends, family, neighbors and associates about Cedar Wave and our efforts to preserve and share maritime heritage.

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