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Cedar Wave is a maritime heritage experience organization that works to help preserve historic vessels by providing the ability for individuals to experience the past.

Our mission is to put historic vessels to work in ways that sustain their preservation for future generations while sharing important cultural heritage and first-hand experiences with member supporters and the public.

Three quarters of the Earth's surface is covered by sea. Two Thirds of the world's population lives near it's shores. Ever since life crawled out of the ocean some 500 million years ago, the allure of the sea remains a constant subliminal force in the DNA of humans.

If the sea is the cradle of all life, then maritime traditions ground the soul. A vessel hewn of wood combines the life of the sea with the life of the land. Since ancient times, wooden vessels provided salvation, exploration and wonder to those who sought beyond familiar shores.

Cedar Wave provides nostalgic maritime experiences while preserving invaluable heritage. By putting historic vessels to work in ways that share the virtues of the past, we are able to inspire and educate curious individuals about a rich cultural foundation that is part of us all in one way or another.

Unlike other objects of antiquity, wooden vessels are continuously in peril as nature works to reclaim that which it created. Wood and water are at constant odds. Without human intervention to perform periodic protection measures, the elements reduce these historic remnants of past lives to fleeting memories that can no longer serve as testament to the countless forgotten souls who lived and worked on the sea.

Sharing Life Lessons of the Sea

We advocate to preserve aspects of a long standing seafaring culture. Before it became written into the law books of nations, the "Law of the Sea" was established as a code of ethics between mariners. It provided a basis for cooperation and security for those who went to sea.

Ever notice that people on boats wave to each other while those on the road just sneer? This is the most basic example for the kind of values we strive to share.

Maritime culture inherently brings people together because, without boats, the sea is an formidable place for those without scales and fins. Every vessel that goes to sea becomes a unity of souls plying a single course. For whatever purposes they individually posses on land, their time at sea becomes a singular voyage.

We Are Dedicated to Preserving Maritime Heritage and Sustainable Values by Connecting People with the Sea.

Our work is philanthropic. With the high cost of labor and materials today, there is little that is practical about preserving historic vessels. However, our model would not work as a standard nonprofit organization since we are using aspects of commercial activities to build sustainable revenue systems to help support our preservation work. We are essentially a social enterprise that invests proceeds into something that has little economic value but provides an important public benefit.

Cedar Wave provides opportunities to learn, touch, feel, appreciate and understand the past. Life experiences with real artifacts of history transfer fundamental knowledge far beyond the capability of photos and museum displays.

Working heritage vessels are interactive historical exhibits. They provide a venue for education and entertainment.

Why is Preservation of Maritime Heritage so Important?

In today's technology driven society, everything is interdependent. Dependance on omnipresent digital systems is a way of life for everyone living in modern society. However, the looming possibility of wide scale disruption is always present. Whether from natural calamity or human causes, organized society can be a precarious condition if its citizens do not understand foundational principals.

Traditional maritime culture provides many fundamental lessens including courage, respect for nature, common sense, efficiency, endurance, camaraderie, imagination, curiosity, humility, truth, self reliance, serenity, openness, and a sense of global connection to distant shores.

Many heritage vessels were built before the days of mass connectivity. A voyage at sea could be comparable to going on a mission into outer-space by today's standards. Crew and passengers had to prepare for everything and expect anything.

Heritage vessels are a testament to a way of independent thinking that is less common in society today. Yet, continues to be an important element for human progression.

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