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M/V Allure

Launched: 1928

The Allure is a classic fantail motor launch built for year-round touring on the waters of the Pacific Northwest. Inside, you are enveloped by rich, old growth cedar and mahogany woodwork framing her large stage-like windows for all around viewing. Outside, her stately yacht white enamel glistens against the deeply varnished brightwork. A spacious and elegantly decorated salon seats six comfortably while double french doors open to a covered outdoor seating cockpit--joining the entire cabin space into an open entertainment area. A cozy antique cast iron wood stove stands at the ready to take the chill off the cool marine air.


Length: 30 ft.
Beam: 9 ft.
Draft: 3.8 ft.
Year Launched: 1928
Builder: Jensen Motor Boat (Seattle)
Designer: Tony Jensen
Propulsion: 40HP Volkswagen Diesel
Speed: 7 knots
Passengers: 6 + crew

History of the Allure

The Allure was built in 1928 at the Jensen Motor Boat Company on Lake Union in Seattle, Washington. She was the first of three vessels built for Professor Charles Harris, head of the University of Washington Hydraulics Laboratory. Her revolutionary high-efficiency hull design requires very little energy to push her through the water at a comparable cruising speed to larger displacement vessels. -- This is due to a unique reverse flared buoyancy feature beneath the fantail stern which prevents her from "squatting" at higher speeds.

Another unique hull design feature is that her engine exhaust port was placed beneath the waterline at the tip of the stern to utilize a Venturi effect to draw exhaust from the engine--this undoubtedly increased the horse power of her original gasoline distillate engine. Subsequently re-powered a few times in her long career, she once sported a powerful six cylinder Chrysler Crown gasoline engine which would have pushed her along at quite brisk speed. Currently powered by a small four-cylinder diesel engine, the sleek hull of the Allure glides along at about seven knots on only about a half a gallon of fuel per hour.

Jensen Boat Company was known to be one of the finest and most innovative boat builders in the Northwest. (They were involved with the development of the famous 1950 Gold Cup winning hydroplane, Slo-Mo-Shun IV). The exceptionally detailed carpentry work on the Allure's copper-riveted hull took two years to complete. the University of Washington Hydraulics lab was located next door. It is assumed that the Allure's unique hull design was studied by Professor Harris in the lab's test tank powered by water flowing form Frosh pond on the University's campus. Today, the Harris Hydraulics lab is part of the Civil Engineering department at the University of Washington.

The spacious Monk-styled cabin of the Allure was built by Jensen Boat Company in 1941 after a fire and remains the same today. Her original configuration may have had a longer foredeck and vertical windscreen much like the popular "Lake Union Dream Boats" of her day.

The Allure was originally powered by a six-cylinder Scripps engine. Later she was repowered with a 6-cylinder chrysler crown gasoline engine and again updated with a four-cylinder 40 hp diesel in 1982.

During the late sixties and early 1970's, the Allure was used as a commercial fishing boat on the Washington coast. Rigged for salmon and tuna trolling, the Allure ventured forty miles out of La Push on the open Pacific Ocean. One time, recalling a fellow fisherman, the Allure returned to the cannery with twenty-two tuna and fifty coho onboard. - A testament to the seaworthiness of her design.

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