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Seattle Classic Charter Boat Fleet
Seattle Classic Charter Boat Fleet
Seattle Classic Charter Boat Fleet

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Seattle Corporate Meeting Venue on a Classic Yacht
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Corporate Team Building Cruises

If you are searching for cost effective team building ideas, then it's quite possible you just found gold. Our classic cruises offer more than just run of the mill team building exercises. Memorable experiences that help break the ice and open interpersonal communications channels are not always easy to accomplish on land. But the sea offers some amazingly effective ideas if you are needing team activities that will translate to real bottom line results and return on your investment.

Getting employees to work together is a key part of an organization's success. The task of "team bonding" can be much more easily achieved by getting people together in a controlled and relaxed environment to share in common a special experience. Later, they will all relate back to fond memories of their co-workers out of the context of the work environment.

Our classic yachts are perfect for such situations. Warm and comfortable, and in such contrast to typical day-to-day situations that every sense of a persons being will remember the experience.

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