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Seattle Classic Charter Boat Fleet
Seattle Classic Charter Boat Fleet
Seattle Classic Charter Boat Fleet

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What to Bring

Planning a trip with us is easy. We are flexible and amenable to your desires. Unlike typical tourist sight seeing trips, our customized excursions are intimate and personal. We have a variety of suggested tour routes for each vessel, but they are only suggestions. Please let us know what you are most interested in seeing and experiencing, and we will try to accommodate your desire.

Please be sure to review our charter policy prior to booking a trip with us.

Cedar Wave specializes in operating classic wooden yachts. These boats are cozy and comfortable and designed for leisure cruising. Therefore, we suggest wearing comfortable attire. High-heel shoes and restrictive clothing should be avoided. These boats ride smoothly, but may roll a bit more than modern square hulled boats due to their fine lines.

Weather and currents can effect any trip out on the water. The severity of which can change on short notice. We advise our passengers to be prepared for wet gray skies and chilly temperatures, even if there's not a cloud on the horizon. Temperatures on the water can be ten to fifteen degrees cooler than on the adjacent land. During certain times of the year, fog can roll in suddenly and engulf a previously warm and sunny cove. It's a good idea to bring layers, T-shirt/tank, sweater and raincoat, and long pants are recommended for longer trips. Since sun reflects off the water, it can get quite bright. it's also a good idea to bring sun block and a hat to avoid getting sunburned if you have sensitive skin. Sunglasses are also essential even on cloudy days.

There are many beautiful sights out on the water that you won't capture anywhere else. A good camera with a long lens is great for capturing sea life, maritime traffic, and shoreline scenery. However, you may also choose to bring a camera with a wide angle lens for taking pictures of your fellow passengers on the boat since we will be in close quarters.

We provide traditional entertainment with an onboard library of historical books, sea stories, and legends told by our captains. A selective variety of music may be provided for your listening pleasure, however, feel free to bring your iPod to plug into our speaker system if you wish to play your own tunes.

If you are prone to motion sickness, over-the counter medications such as Dramamine work well. Keeping your eyes on the horizon is the best natural way to prevent becoming disoriented. Indian legend has it that chewing seaweed 24 hours before your departure is also helpful. - Or at least may get you acclimated for the smell of the sea.

There is no smoking on board any of our vessels. If you are a compulsive smoker, we can arrange smoke breaks onshore.

Each vessel has a specific limit to the number of passengers the US Coast Guard will allow onboard (inclusive of children). - So please do not plan to invite additional guests beyond the stated passenger limits. Our boats are equipped with modern safety equipment and first aid supplies for mishaps at sea. However, if you or any of your guests have special medical conditions, allergies, or requirements, please let us know prior to your departure.

We will stick to our agreed itineraries with the exception of aiding another vessel in distress. If such an event occurs, it will be at the captain's sole discretion as to how to handle the matter. Other situations such as adverse weather, mechanical problems, and land-based emergencies can alter a cruise schedule. The sea has always been an unpredictable place. You should consider schedule-altering possibilities in any sea voyage.

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