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Group Buyer Discount Voucher Redemption

Thank you for choosing Cedar Wave through group buying promotions. We hope that you enjoy your trip and get a feel for what it was like to cruise on traditional wooden boats nearly a century ago. We provide a unique picnic boating experience for couples and small groups.

We are generally able to book short cruises about ten days in advance when vessel, crew and dock availability is known.  We schedule longer cruises first, then fill in the schedule with short trips and mini cruises on available days.  We typically offer departures on Mondays and Wednesdays for the 90 minute mini cruises on Lake Union and Tuesdays for Elliot Bay mini cruises. We offer departure times for other days on a space available basis. Summer and holiday weekends are highly sought and have very limited availability for short cruises.

Advanced booking for 90 minute mini cruises is sometimes possible with a non-refundable fee of $50 - paid by check or cash.

This is intended to be an adult activity. Cedar Wave specializes in providing relaxing and enjoyable experiences for adults on classic wooden boats. These antique vessels are not child-safe nor do they have hose-down cleanup capability. There is no space available for children's vigorous play activities and plenty of opportunity for damage or injury. Our cruises are not recommended for highly active children under 12 years of age. A refundable damage deposit of $250 and non-refundable cleaning fee of $50 is required for groups with children under 12. This is a new policy established to offset the damage and cleanup costs we have incurred from customers with hyper-active children.

How to Schedule a Cruise with a Discount Voucher:

1.) You must read and agree to our charter agreement. (Your voucher does not provide you with privileges beyond our charter policy.)

2.) You will need to provide your full name, purchaser name, certificate number and your phone number when you make your reservation. We will only accept valid voucher certificates that must be provided prior to leaving the dock.

3.) Making any reservations for a charter date constitutes the use of your certificate. Failure to confirm your reservation does not mean your charter will be reschedule. If you do not show up for a scheduled charter, your certificate number will be marked as redeemed and may not be used on future charters.

4.) Valid transfers only - if you bought it on craigslist or downloaded it from some innocuous place on the internet, then you may be out of luck. If you cannot prove the origin, it may not be valid. If the certificate was a gift, make sure you provide the name and contact information of the original purchaser at the time of booking.

5.) Tax & Gratuity was NOT included in your voucher purchase. You should bring enough cash to cover these expenses.

Please Do NOT Purchase a Discount Voucher if...

...You have a need to entertain more than 6 people on a cruise. - Our boats are strictly limited to 6 passengers by federal law.

...You are unable to leave young children or pets at home.

...You are planning to redeem it for a specific date and time without first making a reservation with us.

...You do not have an appreciation for classic wooden boats. (Feel free to call us if you need a refferal to other types of vessels offering experiences that match your specific needs.)

...You have not read our charter policy.


What did I get when I bought my voucher? - You voucher entitles you to a specified time on the water beginning at a scheduled departure time. You must reserve ahead with your voucher number. Departure dates and times are on a space available basis. We are limited in the number of people we can accommodate each day for short cruises.

Can I bring more people for free? Our vessels are limited to six persons (including children) If your voucher is for two people, you may bring additional people for an extra charge. $24 per person on 90 minute cruises and $34 per person on 3 hour cruises with valid voucher.

May I bring my dogs? - No. Absolutely no animals may be brought onboard.

May I bring my own food? Yes. Our boats are ideally set up for casual picnic touring. There is a built-in galley table that can accommodate your picnic spread.

What complimentary items do I get for free? Soda, water and light snacks such as chips or cookies. The discount vouchers do not include meals.

Can I take extra food and drink with me when I leave? No. Complimentary items are meant to be consumed onboard. Loading up on free food and picnic supplies when you leave is theft. If you are expecting a meal but do not want to pay extra, please bring your own.

Why can I not make reservations for a 90 minute cruse way in advance? Our main business is providing longer trips which have to be scheduled first. We do not set our short tour crew schedules until about 10 days prior to departure dates.

Do I get money back if I don't use all spaces allowed on my voucher? No. The voucher has no cash value and may only be used on one trip regardless of the number of people you bring.

Can I combine discounts? Sometimes. If you bought a couples cruise voucher and want to schedule it with another party who bought the same voucher, then we can usually accommodate the request. However, we cannot combine multiple vouchers or discount offers to make longer trips.

Can I split the the voucher and take multiple trips with less people? No. The voucher may only be used for one trip.

Can I reserve multiple dates and times then decide later which one I want? No. One reservation date is allowed per voucher. If you make multiple reservations, your previous reservation will be cancelled. If this occurs within 10 days of your reservation, then there is an schedule change fee. If it occurs within three days of your previous charter date, then you forfeit you voucher.

Can I postpone my trip at the last minute if it is cloudy, cold or raining? No. Our boats are warm and dry in all weather. Your trip may not be postponed at no cost unless we terminate the charter due to adverse weather or other issues stated in our charter policy. Last minute cancelations on your part forfeit the voucher.

May we go swimming? - No. We do not allow swimming from our boats while underway on short cruises.

Can I sell space on the boat using my voucher? - No - We are a private charter business. You cannot sell individual tickets or charge a fee to other individuals in your party under a discount voucher certificate.

Can I be picked up and dropped off from a different location at no additional costs? No. On short discounted cruises, we must charge extra to cover the cost of moving the boat to and from another location.

Can I use my voucher to go from one point to another? - No - Your voucher is good for a specific amount of time on the water with the vessel being returned to the same point of departure within the alloted time.

Will you validate parking or reimburse me for bus fare, taxi fare or other transportation expenses? No. Transportation expenses to and from the boat are not included.

Will you pay childcare expenses for children who are too young to go out on the boat? No. We are not able to reimburse passengers for babysitter costs for children under 8 years of age that are left at home.

How do I get a Groupon or Living Social discount voucher? If you currently do not have one, you are out of luck. We occasionally run introductory offers through different group service promotors but are unable to provided information on when they would be offered. If you have chartered with us before, and we had a good experience with you, you may be offered special discount opportunities from time to time.

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