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Seattle Classic Charter Boat Fleet
Seattle Classic Charter Boat Fleet
Seattle Classic Charter Boat Fleet

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Sharing Tradtional Nautical Experiences Through Preservation of Maritme History.

Volunteers & Internship Jobs

It's no small task keeping our boats in pristine condition every year. Paint, varnish, polishing and minor repairs are a constant duty. If you have a steady hand, nimble feet and like working around boats, we can offer an opportunity to participate in the preservation of Northwest maritime history.

Learn tried and true techniques and age-old traditions in wooden boat maintenance and repair.

We are not officially a non-profit organization, however, as any classic boat owner will attest, there is no end to the expense in keeping a classic yacht. That is why classic yacht owners will so often say that "we don't own a classic yacht, she owns us". Our vessel owners are religiously committed to preserving and sharing maritime history.

What we can offer in return is testament to your job skills, and the satisfaction and pride that comes in joining the long list of hands that help transit a classic wooden vessel through time for another generation to marvel and experience.

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