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About Cedar Wave Classic Cruises & Tours

Welcome to Cedar Wave Adventures by Sea! We provide an alternative small-group travel experience that is custom-tailored for adventurous and romantic spirits. We invite you to leave the hectic road behind and join us as we transcend your mind and body into the ultimate relaxation vacation out on the waves. Our sole purpose it to help you discover an absolutely wonderful and exhilarating experience out on the waters of the Puget Sound region. Whether you are a sports fisherman, beachcomber, naturalist, wildlife watcher or just like to be somewhere near the water on your special day, we are here to make it happen. We provide the boats, the fine catered meals and spirits to make your adventure memorable.

There was a time when all fine yachts were skillfully crafted from natural wood. Like the finest of antique furnishings made for kings, the warmth and solid stature of a wooden vessel carries much more than a visual facade and practical utility. There is a feeling one gets while riding the seas on a wood-sculpted craft. - A feeling that is hard to describe in words other than comfort.

Before the automobile freeways and byways were established, all civilized travel around the sound was by water. Sleek steamers, passenger ships, ferries and private launches transversed the sound from Olympia to the San Juan Islands. Because so much travel was over water, the Puget Sound region was perceived much differently than it is today. Most of the population lived within a short distance from the water. (If you lived more than an earshot from water, you were consider to be living in the sticks.) The remaining population lived around railroad stops. Places that seam relatively remote today, were once tightly connected via a web of regular passenger routes in an out of the major metropolitan areas. There were piers and wharfs every few of miles connecting all the communities.

Our goal is to bring back the sort of feeling people once had along the sound. A sense of community and view of this great body of water from the water, and not from the distant freeways encircling it.

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