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Seattle Classic Charter Boat Fleet
Seattle Classic Charter Boat Fleet
Seattle Classic Charter Boat Fleet

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Old-Fashioned Picnic Boating Excursion

Old Fashioned Fun!

There is a darn good reason why grandpa called it "the good ol' days". People had a lot of fun back then. At the beginning of the 20th century, America's prosperity was unprecedented throughout the world, yet people were not yet inundated with electronic technology and credit card bills. There was an ever-present appreciation for the simple things in life. The idea of planned obsolescence and mass consumables hadn't entered the market place. Everything was made to last and made to enjoy for generations. Yachts were individually built from virgin growth timber by craftsman rather than popped out of a plastic mold.

When you have the chance to experience "old fashion fun" like your grand parents did, it's like reaching back into the past and re-connecting with your roots. We challenge you to cast off your modern communications and entertainment gadgets and gizmos and let you mind travel back in time to an era of true style and elegance in living. Cruise with us on a classic picnic boating adventure and discover what you have been missing.

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